sobota, 27 lipca 2013

What is "Path among the clouds"? Is there any such a path? Where does it lead? Can one make steps on it? What do we know? What do we want to know? Is it necessary to have answers? Can we live without them?

Or. Do you find your way? Your answer to your questions. If yes. Then go for it. Have it. Taste it. Treasure it. Nurse it. I have nothing to offer. If not. We can talk. Or we can speak. Or. We can hear. Or. We can be silent.

But what then if we will be silent? Is it rest before a struggle? Before we go for what we desire? What we need. Or maybe it is just a moment. Same as moment of fierce fighting. Droving all our attention into one thing. The present moment. The very existence. The "now". This what is. 

Because we live in dreams. We are immersed in our thoughts. In the world we create. We desire. We want. This is our life. 

Yet we confront this inner life we live with what we experience. And this confrontation is a source of our emotions. And our choices. And deeds. 

We create, a world from thoughts. About ourselves. About our family. Our neighbors. Other people. The rules of life. 

We still watching. Our gaze is unceasingly laid upon "the outside". Is it good? Is it bad? Is it promising? Is it threatening? Is it "as it should be"? Or is it "unjust", "unfair", wrong? We look at world of our thoughts and the world outside with ruthless ardour.

We become tired. We find no way out, though we still looking for. We thing we should look harder. Try heavier. Put more effort to work. However we are losing. So we are tempted to accept loss. To embrace defeat. To recognize that we can't win. That loss is everything that we can get.

And then the flame starts to extinguish. Accepting inevitable. Yet false belief. 

Because the thought of defeat is as false as thought of success. Both based not on reality, but on our own imagination. Both born not form what is, but from we want to be. Both exist only because we create them. Out of our desire. For love. For safety. For life. 

We have been taught to live in some manner. To think and function in some special manner. It took years of our life. Yet we were not aware of the process. How could we?

So we live as we were taught. Assuming, that we live "naturally", or (even worse) we live as we want. But form what "want" comes? We want, we just feel this "we want". It is the feeling. Yet trying to pursue the sources of what we want, leads us to conclusion that it is something in us. Something we did not decide.

This "special way of life", way of perceiving, way of thinking, way of feeling is an effect of some kind of training. Our deep has been shaped. And it we think according to this shape. 

All efforts we take. All struggle we engage. All journeys we make. Are all in the closed world we unconsciously yet constantly create, based on our deep shape. So they can't, just can't lead us beyond troubles we experience. We can achieve relief, but never freedom. 

So maybe it's time to put a step among the clouds. Among what we do not know. What we do not expect. Maybe it's time to start a journey. To meet what is. To meet ourselves. To meet...

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